From A Head Full Of Fear To Who Knows Where?

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Hello and welcome to FLYING WITH LUNATICS, a rather strange site that offers a rather strange but worthwhile journey...From A Head Full Of Fear To Who Knows Where?

This site is about my own sometimes comically inept self-exploration and trying to understand my place in this peculiarity we call life. It does not subscribe to any specific religion, philosophy or mystical tradition but it draws content and ideas from many of them as well as from my own scientific and not-so-scientific research.

I like the idea of finding truths that might work for any individual on the level of actual verifiable experience regardless of their belief system. Whether we approach this from a mystical or scientific angle, the core of any self-enquiry must surely concern our own personal experience. The pointers that lead us to that—secular, mystical, scientific or religious—should not matter. I believe that the core of all teachings can be distilled to one rational statement:

Allow This Moment To Be As It Is …or… Get Out of Your Own Way

Moon light is real light

Exploring why this can be so challenging is the purpose of this site. Let’s just start by stating, there’s plenty of evidence out there that a major personal transformation can occur when we are able to drop our personal filters based on our own imagined self-story with its expectations, fears and other baggage. That transformation has been variously described as spontaneous awakening or enlightenment, being in the zone or a state of flow. All of these have the same common characteristic: they occur when we forget our individual identity and just experience life with full immersion in the activity of the moment.

Enlightened Nap












Why is it so hard for most of us to do this habitually? Because we seek comfort and security in the false concepts and ideas we weave about ourselves and the strange world we inhabit. Or we are persuaded by self-appointed sages that theirs is the only valid path and our failure to follow it are a cause for shame.

The world we live in is unimaginably strange. It offers the miraculous and improbable conditions needed to create and sustain life as we know it but it also presents plenty of opportunities for annihilation, often with apparently randomly indifference. As J. S. Haldane said: ‘Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.’

No wonder, we compulsively cling to concepts, think too much and fear the irrational…we are dumped as untrained actors into this confusing and often hostile movie set. We had no choice in our roles or the other characters we would depend on. Weird TreesOften they are lunatics and they are teaching us some of the most challenging lessons of all – like flying. No wonder many of us crash and burn. Even the good teachers can’t give us the perfect blueprint for living.

However beautifully we think we have mastered our existence, the only thing that can be guaranteed in the Universe is change and impermanence. When we resist and use our will to try to force events one way or another, we deny reality and truth itself and  guarantee a life of suffering. This is what Matthew 16:26 was all about: And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?

Apart from my blog (which is more a series of strange musings and meditations than a true blog), I have included pages containing books and links to other sites that I have found helpful, as well as a cartoon blog. These express my own opinions and my own warped sense of humour. I would love to hear some of yours.

Thanks for your visit. I hope that together we share some meaning and inspiration.

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